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Richard Dee, Creative Tech / Tech Lead

I’m an enthusiastic Technologist with extensive design, development and tech lead experience in London Digital Advertising. Most recently I've focused on interactive installation projects. I'm experienced at managing combined hardware and software projects from a technical standpoint. I’m always experimenting with new technology both inside and outside of work. I am adept at translating complicated technical solutions and specifications into plain English for non-developers to understand the implications for the project, excellent at problem solving, and keeping a cool head when the pressure is on.

I have a background in web and print design, moving over the years into digital animation and frontend development, as well as prototyping / developing interactive digital experiences. I am flexible in my involvement in each project, working as an intermediary between developers, hardware engineers, clients and production partners. Browse the site to see example of my work or look below for a few of my most recent projects:

Land Rover New Discovery Sport

Photo of the L550 tourkit assembled

Land Rover Discovery Sport Launch Tourkits (@ Imagination): A set of 10 self contained Tourkits that were shipped around the world concurrently for the launch of the new Discovery Sport. Each Kit had several cars, 2 Interactive touch screen applications and a pod containing either 2 mountain bikes, 2 snowboards or surfboards. The Pods allowed visitors to compete in a game of skill displayed on two monitors in from of them, while the action was captured on camera. Outside the pod was a weatherproof tablet from which the visitors could select the photos taken and send the photos to their email address.

I took this project from a rough prototype to a stable, successful series of worldwide shows. This involved managing teams of in-house and external developers, diagnosing hardware problems, supporting the shows as they went live in local markets and writing internal and external documentation and instructions for deployment.

Strongbow Gold Startcap

For the European launch of Strongbow Gold cider, as Work Club's Creative Tech, I was tasked with coming up with a method of electronically triggering events when a specially modified bottle of cider was opened, with minimal technology visible on the bottle. RFID tags were ideal due to their small size. Working with outside RFID suppliers and Packaging companies, we developed a system that could eject the RFID tag when the cap was opened.

For the first phase of the launch we built a portable installation stand that was trialled around a range of beach bars in southern Italy. The installation turned on a studio wind blower and ring light, before taking a set of photos of the user, automatically applied photo filters and uploaded the pictures to the brand's facebook page. I specified and built all the hardware for the installation, and worked with a backend developer to build and test the system.

The next phase of the project was to create a number promotional films showing the concept being used. We built a number of prototypes, such as firing stage glitter canons and starting record players, before building a pop-up bar in a derelict warehouse in budapest, with multiple staged effects being triggered on cue. The promotional video of the technolgy is shown below, the final film can be seen here and currently has over 140k views on youtube.

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