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Richard Dee, Creative Tech / Tech Lead

I’m an enthusiastic Technical Lead with extensive design and development experience in some of the highest profile brands and top digital agencies in London. I am a logical and approachable manager, a highly effective problem solver and team motivator. My recent experience has been in managing small teams to deliver complicated software and/or interactive hardware projects on tight budgets and deadlines, whilst adapting the project to flexible client requirements. I am adept at understanding complicated technical concepts, then simplifying and explaining them to others, either in person or in written documentation. Given my broad experience, I can easily switch from considering the system architecture/client requirements, down to the smallest detail of data structure, code efficiency or UX issues. I keep a cool head when the pressure is on, and can quickly resolve any issues if they occur.

Santander Products

Screenshot from the Santander project

Santander Products (@ Hogarth WPP) - Role: Sole Tech Lead / Systems Architect. Working with the project/account manager to liaise directly with the client, I designed the system, briefed and managed the design/ux/development teams (approx 20 people spread between Delhi, Bucharest and London). Along the way I solved many issues for my team due to a significant lack of documentation for the old systems/APIs (They were written over a period of perhaps 10 years, by multiple developers, in multiple languages). For instance - I personally reverse engineered the previous systems API logic from multiple outdated sites / many discussions with various client teams to create clear direct briefs in JIRA for the dev team in order to minimise wasted development time. I designed/specced the CMS interface, to make common data and updates as quick as possible, to be easy to understand, and maximise flexibility for future changes. The system build included integrating with bespoke tracking and API systems at the client's end, as well as migrating over 1000 URLs and redirects to seamlessly push live components as they were QA'd and completed. Being for a financial institution, all content was continually updated during the build, we built the system to adapt to this, including creating multiple data importers to keep the many rates and sensitive figures continually up to date. Over 1 year we delivered the system on time and budget to our initial estimates, provided extensive documentation and replaced over 600 inconsistent and outdated sites with a single Drupal CMS system and common templated responsive layout. Ultimately, the client, Santander IT and the staff maintaining the CMS were very happy with the result.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Launch

Photo of the L550 tourkit assembled

Land Rover Discovery Sport Launch Tourkits (@ Imagination) - Role: Tech Lead. Project overview: A set of ten portable installations, including vehicles, touchscreens, physical interactive Arduino based bike/snowboard games, email/photo capture including 3g/wifi uploading, remote software updates. I was brought in to take over the project as there was a shortage of tech lead resource, and the project had been run by various temporary project and tech managers. Consequently the deadline was short and the hardware and software was underdeveloped and error-prone. The system was intended to be deployed remotely by non-technical local site crew, but initially the hardware was technically complicated to setup and difficult to maintain. The issues were compounded by the fact that 10 of these kits were to be deployed nearly simultaneously across europe (making direct supervision difficult). During the short time before launch I prioritised the development to fix critical errors first, then during launch supervised the installs directly on site, continuing to improve documentation, system stability and ease of use, until the project was stable, at which point I continued to offer remote support to the teams across europe, all the while improving the documentation and stability. The end result - the client was happy, and the project was a success.

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