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Listed below are some of the successful projects I have been involved in as a Creative Tech or Tech Lead.

Santander Products

Screenshot from the Santander project

Santander Products (@ Hogarth WPP) - Role: Sole Tech Lead / Systems Architect. Working with the project/account manager to liaise directly with the client, I designed the system, briefed and managed the design/ux/development teams (approx 20 people spread between Delhi, Bucharest and London). Along the way I solved many issues for my team due to a significant lack of documentation for the old systems/APIs (They were written over a period of perhaps 10 years, by multiple developers, in multiple languages). For instance - I personally reverse engineered the previous systems API logic from multiple outdated sites / many discussions with various client teams to create clear direct briefs in JIRA for the dev team in order to minimise wasted development time. I designed/specced the CMS interface, to make common data and updates as quick as possible, to be easy to understand, and maximise flexibility for future changes. The system build included integrating with bespoke tracking and API systems at the client's end, as well as migrating over 1000 URLs and redirects to seamlessly push live components as they were QA'd and completed. Being for a financial institution, all content was continually updated during the build, we built the system to adapt to this, including creating multiple data importers to keep the many rates and sensitive figures continually up to date. Over 1 year we delivered the system on time and budget to our initial estimates, provided extensive documentation and replaced over 600 inconsistent and outdated sites with a single Drupal CMS system and common templated responsive layout. Ultimately, the client, Santander IT and the staff maintaining the CMS were very happy with the result.

Land Rover New Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport Launch Tourkits (@ Imagination): A set of 10 self contained Tourkits that were shipped around the world concurrently for the launch of the new Discovery Sport. Each Kit had several cars, 2 Interactive touch screen applications and a pod containing either 2 mountain bikes, 2 snowboards or surfboards. The Pods allowed visitors to compete in a game of skill displayed on two monitors in from of them, while the action was captured on camera. Outside the pod was a weatherproof tablet from which the visitors could select the photos taken and send the photos to their email address.

I took this project from a rough prototype to a stable, successful series of worldwide shows. This involved managing teams of in-house and external developers, diagnosing hardware problems, supporting the shows as they went live in local markets and writing internal and external documentation and instructions for deployment.

Paris Motorshow 2014

Paris Motor Show 2014 - Tech Lead (@ Imagination): We delivered and deployed all the interactive screen elements of the Jaguar and Land Rover 2014 Paris motorshow stands. My role included managing software development, bug fixing and content preparation for a number of the applications on stand. In a high pressure environment at the show we set up all the software, tested and continued to update with any last minute client requests.

Strongbow Gold Startcap

For the European launch of Strongbow Gold cider, as Work Club's Creative Tech, I was tasked with coming up with a method of electronically triggering events when a specially modified bottle of cider was opened, with minimal technology visible on the bottle. RFID tags were ideal due to their small size. Working with outside RFID suppliers and Packaging companies, we developed a system that could eject the RFID tag when the cap was opened.

For the first phase of the launch we built a portable installation stand that was trialled around a range of beach bars in southern Italy. The installation turned on a studio wind blower and ring light, before taking a set of photos of the user, automatically applied photo filters and uploaded the pictures to the brand's facebook page. I specified and built all the hardware for the installation, and worked with a backend developer to build and test the system.

The next phase of the project was to create a number promotional films showing the concept being used. We built a number of prototypes, such as firing stage glitter canons and starting record players, before building a pop-up bar in a derelict warehouse in budapest, with multiple staged effects being triggered on cue. The promotional video of the technolgy is shown below, the final film can be seen here and currently has over 140k views on youtube.

Sharp Fanlabs

As part of Sharp's sponsorship of Euro 2012, Work Club developed Europe's largest ever study of football fans. Part of the project was to develop a mobile experience to be deployed at various games, to test the fans emotions directly. I designed, specified and developed the hardware and software for the mobile stand. We used off the shelf brainwave monitoring headsets for each fan (up to 16 per game). The data from the headsets was matched with additional data on volume and pitch of cheering. The game was streamed live into the truck, and the data from the headsets was displayed on additional monitors adjacent to the game feed. All the data from the games was recorded in the main server of the truck for later analysis and graphing.

Ballantines 45rpm

As part of a campaign for Ballantine's Whisky, we staged a live feed of the Graffiti artist 45rpm creating a huge artwork. The feed was filmed through a camera attached to the artist's head. Within the wall were 7 monitors. When the artwork near each monitor was done, the screen came to life with a digital animation joining up with the art.

I designed and built the hardware and software systems to trigger animations on cue to the various digital displays in the installation. I also created the animations for each screen.

Ballantines tshirtOS

Helped liase with the hardware developer of the digital t-shirt during initial phases. I created various mock up / simulations during the development process for the client. I created all the animations for the tshirt and encoded them for the bespoke hardware.

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