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Tech Lead & management skills

Leading and managing small teams, local and remote using JIRA and agile working if appropriate. I anticipate and resolve conflicts & technical issues quickly and simply. Adept at learning complex systems/requirements to propose efficient solutions.

Soft Skills

Calm, logical and easy to talk to, I’m comfortable communicating with all colleagues and client teams, regardless of their technical experience or seniority. I am patient and have experience tutoring/teaching junior colleagues. I motivate people to work together, and allow all on the project to have their voice heard.

Client facing skills

Participated in several successful pitches as Technical Lead / Creative Tech, including for Strongbow, Santander, Sharp and TK Maxx. Successfully maintained weekly direct client meeting during the Santander build, for the early discovery phase, as well as throughout the project for any technical queries.

Technical skills

Excellent grasp of large technical projects and requirements, including analysing large data / conflicting requirements to reach the best solution. Experience with linux command line (maintain several SAS arrays and rack servers personally). Good experience with embedded electronics (Raspberry PI / Arduino / Custom electronics). Comfortable with PHP, Javascript and SASS. Some experience with other languages such as Python, Processing, C. Good knowledge of virtual reality ux/design requirements. I enjoy, and am exceptionally quick to learn new technical and software skills as required by any job.

Creative Skills

Deep understanding of design, animation and concepting process through previous work experience, I can seamlessly manage and consider design/ux/backend/frontend requirements, together with the client's point of view to resolve any conflicts and keep work moving.

Other skills / Hobbies

Classic car mechanics & electrics, vintage computers, virtual reality, home automation, photography, DIY/woodworking.

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